October 19th

Hot Patootie

Gunbarrel Brewing Company

October 20th

Sins of the Flesh

Gunbarrel Brewing Company

October 21st

Pelvic Thrust

Gunbarrel Brewing Company

October 26th

Horror Night

The Esquire Theatre

October 27th

Don't Dream It Be It

The Esquire Theatre

October 29th

Time Warp

Boulder Theater

October 31st


The Esquire Theatre

November 24th

Make You a Man

The Esquire Theatre

Colorado's Elusive Ingredient

Denver's award winning and world record holding shadow cast!

Shadow casting is when a group of costumed performers shadow the screening of a movie. During the show YOU will be expected to yell, dance, and throw things. This is an audience participation movie!

Formed in 2000, Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient is a nationally recognized cast with many accomplishments such as holding the world record for the largest Rocky showing of over 8,081 tickets sold! Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient performs monthly at The Esquire Theatre and performs many travel shows throughout the year. Rocky Horror is the longest-running release in film history and has a large cult following drawing in crowds weekly throughout the world.

September 29th

Amateur Night

The Esquire Theatre

August 25th

Sensual Daydreams

The Esquire Theatre

August 24th

Furry Night

DenFur Con

July 28th

Sweet T

The Esquire Theatre

June 30th

Bondage Night

The Esquire Theatre

May 26th

Rose Tint My World

The Esquire Theatre