History in Denver

RHPS in Denver and Colorado's Elusive Ingredient Cast History

Denver is one of only a small handful of cities in which the Rocky Horror Picture Show has never stopped playing since the film’s debut in 1975. Older locals still speak with hushed tones and wistful, guilty glances of the debauchery at the old Ogden Theater in the 1970s and 1980s. Rocky became a local institution at the Esquire Theater on 6th Avenue through the 1990s.

In The Beginning

Started by the remaining members of Denver’s former shadow cast, Denver ’s Dynamic Tension, Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient opened at the Esquire on April 15, 2000, where they had a brief but memorable run. In February 2001, due to a change in theater management at the Esquire, Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient relocated to the movie theater in the Buckingham Mall in Aurora. Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient moved out in September 2001 and found a warm and happy home at the Tiffany Plaza Mall in Denver, where it remained for just over a year.

The Tivoli Starz Film Center

After Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient parted ways with the Tiffany Plaza, they found a home with the Tivoli Starz Film Center, located on the Auraria Higher Education Campus in downtown Denver, in October 2002. While smaller in size, the Tivoli allowed Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient to perform on a weekly basis with success, completely selling out all available seating on several occasions. Due to differences in opinions of appropriate content of the show between Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient and the owners of the Tivoli Starz Film Center, the Denver Film Society, Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient regrettably parted ways with the Tivoli in March 2005 and searched for a new home.

The Oriental Theater

The Oriental Theater in Denver offered Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient a home after multiple special performances there during Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient’s tenure with the Tivoli. Being a concert venue, the Oriental provided Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient with more than adequate space to perform every Friday night. Unfortunately, dwindling attendance and theater renovations caused the Oriental to temporarily close its doors, leaving Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient homeless once again in August 2006.

The Crossroads Theater, Part 1

After Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient left the Oriental, they experienced a stint of homelessness which resulted in a drop from the public eye and lowered attendance. A home was finally secured at the Crossroads Theater in downtown Denver in October 2006. However, time spent without a regular performance caused a noticeable drop in weekly attendance. After several weeks of performances Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient was starting to build a buzz for the show again; but unfortunately, due to zoning restrictions imposed by the City of Denver, the Crossroads was temporarily shut down in January 2007. Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient management, however, managed to keep strong, positive relations between cast and the theater, allowing them to restart their show at the new Crossroads Theater the following year.

The Crossroads Theater, Part 2

After nearly a year of occassional performances with members of the University of Northern Colorado’s drama department and at various venues throughout Denver, the newly re-located Crossroads Theater opened its doors for Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient once again. Running from April 23rd to July 7th, 2007, this recently renovated theater provided a comfortable home for Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient for 4 short months. Circumstances outside of Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient’s and the Crossroads management’s hands caused the cast to restart the hunt for a new theater, though ties to the Crossroads are still intact.

Red and Jerry’s

Starting November 2nd, 2007 and running through December 14th, Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient found a comfortable but brief home at Red and Jerry’s in Sheridan, Colorado. Due to undisclosed issues, Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient temporarily found itself homeless once again.

Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret

From November 7th, 2008 through February 27th, 2009 Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient performed at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret, in the beautiful and historic D&F Clocktower, every Friday night. However, due to difficulties in maintaining a large enough audience due primarily to the 21+ age restrictions with their liquor license, our run had to come to an end.

Present-Day Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient

Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient has returned to the Esquire at 6th Avenue and Downing Street in Denver, premiering with a show sold out in minutes and regretfully turning away around 150 extra audience members. But that’s cool: as much as we hate to see you go, we love to watch you leave. As of now, Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient performs on the last Friday of every month at the Esquire; tickets can be purchased at the Esquire box office, by phone at 303-352-1992, or online at https://www.landmarktheatres.com/denver/esquire-theatre in advance, guaranteeing a seat.